How to update your W-9 or other tax forms

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Note: The team at Logos are not tax professionals and therefore cannot give tax advice. To ensure you have the appropriate tax form on file, please speak with your tax professional.

Every affiliate who receives commission in the form of a check is required to submit a W-9 or appropriate tax form based on your country. Checks will be mailed out to the address listed on your tax form which is why it’s important to keep this information up to date.

If you’ve moved or need to update your tax information, start by signing into your affiliate dashboard and clicking the link that says “Manage W9.”

manage w9.png


From there, you’ll be prompted to fill out your W-9 tax form. If you need to switch to a W-8 ECI or W-8 BEN, you can do so by clicking the appropriate link on the top right hand corner.



If neither of these tax forms apply to you, click here to find your appropriate tax form and email an updated version to

Once you’ve updated your tax form, click “Save as PRIMARY tax document” on the bottom right hand corner.

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Still have questions? Please reach out to to email someone from our team.

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