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With the Logos Bible mobile app you can run powerful searches that scan through your open resources or search within your entire library for a word, multiple words, and phrases.




You can run advanced searches using operators like AND, OR, and AFTER (ie. joy AND peace), search for exact phrases using quotation marks (ie. “God of all comfort”), and access Logos datasets through search parameters like <person> (ie. <person Judah (patriarch)>) and <lemma> (ie. <Lemma = lbs/el/λόγος>).


Note: For more information on using search operators, check out the Advanced Searching section of the Logos help file.


Use the Search Tool

To open a new search, tap the navigation menu icon Hamburger.svg followed by Search. This opens a new search tab.




Tap in the Search field and enter your search terms accompanied by any operators you want to add. With your search terms entered, it’s time to tell Logos where to search. In the row immediately below the Search field, tap Top Bibles.




This will display all of the options available to you.




  • Your Bible keys your search to your preferred Bible
  • Entire Library directs your search to look through your entire Library
  • All Open Resources searches within all of the resources you have open
  • Select a resource opens a Library panel in which you can browse or search for a specific resource to use in the Search you’re creating




  • Top Bibles sets the Search to look in the Bibles you’ve prioritized


Note: Prioritizing resources is only available in the desktop and web versions of Logos.


  • All Open Bibles searches only within the Bibles you have open
  • Collections will search within the Collections of resources you’ve created


Note: At this time, Collections can only be created from the desktop and web versions of Logos.


After you’ve directed your search to the resource(s) you want, tap Done.


If you’re searching your Bible, you’ll see an option to specify the search range. Tap All Passages to display different groupings of the biblical text.




Note: Tap here to learn how to conduct searches on the original biblical languages.


You can also search for specific words by double-tapping any word in an open resource followed by Search. This opens up a new search tab with your selected word entered in the Search field. You can then direct your search to particular resources.

Note: Search is also available on iOS through 3D and Haptic Touch.





Search within an open resource

To search within an open resource, you only need to tap the actions menu icon Kebab_Vertical.svg followed by Search. Opening a search in this way tells Logos that you want to search within your current resource. Simply type your search terms in the bar at the top and let Logos find everything in your resource that matches.  

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