Theme Switching in Logos

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Logos gives you the ability to run the program in either light or dark mode. Now you can reduce eye strain in low-light environments or simply enjoy a different contrast as you study.

To switch between light and dark modes:

  1. Click the main toolbar menu icon ().

  2. Select Dark next to Application Theme.


To switch back to Light mode, repeat these steps, and select Light.



  1. In the Command Box, type Set Application Theme to Dark.
    Note: Do not press Enter.

  2. Add Command to Shortcuts area. From the dropdown menu, drag Set Application Theme to Dark to the Shortcuts area. Right-click the gear icon  on your shortcut to change the icon. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add a shortcut for setting the theme to Light.

  • Apply the theme. Click the icon to apply your desired theme. Logos applies your desired setting.



If you're an early access to Logos Pro subscriber, simply press F4.

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