How do I find Sermon Outlines?

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Sermon preparation can be the most stressful and demanding part of a pastor’s schedule. Logos provides numerous resources to assist you in preparing sermons on a biblical passage, theme, or topic. Continue reading to learn how to search your Library for sermon outlines published by seasoned pastors and create a sermon from one of these pre-existing outlines.

Note: Available in packages Bronze and above.

Search Sermon Outlines

Create a Sermon from an Outline


Simple outline search

  1. Click Guides/Workflows.
  2. In the Guides/Workflows search bar, enter sermon outline.

  3. Select the type of outline you would like to search – Bible Reference Guide, Topic Guide, or Sermon Theme Guide.
  4. Enter the corresponding search criteria in the search box. As you type, Logos suggests pericopes, topics, or themes depending on the guide you use. Click a suggestion or press Enter to continue with your entry.
    • For the Bible Reference Guide, enter a Scripture reference (e.g. John 15:1-17). Logos finds sermon outlines within the range that you enter.
    • For the Topic Guide and Theme Guide, enter a subject (e.g. peace or atonement). As you type, Logos suggests topics matching your search. Click one of these topics, or press Enter to search.

    Note: Available outlines vary based on the resources in your Logos library. Additional outline collections can be purchased at

  5. Click the arrow to the left of the author to expand available outlines. Hover on an outline to see a preview.

  6. Click the title to open the outline in a new window.


Search using Sermon Starter Guide

  1. Click Guides/Workflows.
  2. Enter sermon starter in the search box and select Sermon Starter Guide or press Enter.

  3. Enter the passage, theme, or topic that you want to prepare.

  4. This search displays results for many of the resources in your library. To find sermon outlines, scroll down to the Preaching Resources heading, which is organized by the collection title.

    Note: Starting with a passage search, such as Isaiah 58:1-14, yields different categories of resources than starting with a theme or topic search, such as justice. If you start with a passage search, Logos displays various themes that are found in the passage. To access Preaching Resources, select a theme.

    Additional sermon outlines are located under the Sermon Outlines heading, and are organized by author.

    Note: To learn more about the Sermon Starter Guide, click here. You can open the Sermon Starter Guide in Logos here.

  5. Click the outline title to open it in a new panel.


Additional features

  • Add additional resources to your search by clicking Add in the upper right corner of the panel. This expands a dropdown menu of additional resource types that can be added to your search. These resources are in addition to the sermon outlines and provide additional resources to aid your study.
  • Save your search in a notebook by clicking Add note. You can then anchor the note to a text. To learn more about note anchors, click here.


Create a Sermon from an Outline

Once you have found a sermon outline you want to use, Logos allows you to send that outline to the Sermon Builder or another application to make changes and customize the outline to fit your needs.


Send an outline to the Sermon Builder

  1. Open a sermon outline.

  2. Right-click a word in the outline.
  3. Click Send to Sermon.

  4. Logos opens the outline in the Sermon Builder.
  5. You can now edit the outline and add your own content or supplement the outline with content from other resources. For more information about using the Sermon Builder, click here.

    Note: Sending an outline to the Sermon Builder creates a new document. Changes you make do not affect the original outline.

Send outline to another application

  1. Open a sermon outline.
  2. Click and drag to highlight the text of the outline you want to export.
  3. Press Ctrl+C (Windows)/Cmd+C (Mac).
  4. Paste the selection into your desired application.

Note: Selecting Copy from the Logos Context Menu only copies the reference information and not the complete outline.

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