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Using Sermon Archives

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Imagine you're studying a passage of scripture like John 15:1-8 as you prepare your next sermon. You've consulted your commentaries, tracked down themes, and performed in-depth word studies on important terms, but now you want to see how other preachers and teachers have handled this text. With Logos, you can quickly explore the sermons of some of your favorite preachers (like Tony Evans, Tim Keller, and others) to see how they discussed and applied this particular passage.

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Sermon Archives in the Passage Guide 

  1. Open a passage guide by clicking Guides > Passage Guide. You can also type open pass in the Go box then select Open Passage Guide in the Guides section.

  2. Enter John 15:1-8 into the passage box (you can also abbreviate the Bible book to speed up your passage entry).

  3. Scroll down and expand the Sermons section.

  4. Logos displays all the sermons in your library that discuss the passage you entered.
  5. Expand the section for each preacher to find the specific sermons they’ve preached on your passage.

  6. Click any sermon title to open the text of the sermon in a new panel.
  7. From there, you can read the sermon or search within it for key terms and ideas you may be interested in.


There are two primary ways to search within your Sermon Archives: using a Basic Search and using an Inline Search.

Basic Search

  1. Start a new search by clicking the menu icon in the Go box.

  2. Click Everything and point your search to the Sermon Archive(s) you want to explore.

    Note: If a particular Sermon Archive is comprised of more than one volume, the Basic Search will display each resource as a separate result, but it will also group them into one searchable unit.

  3. Type your search term and press Enter.

Inline Search 

  1. Begin by opening your Library and typing a preacher’s name in the search field.

  2. Click a resource to open it in a new panel.

    Note: This will only allow you to search within the open resource.

  3. Open the Contents menu by clicking the menu icon .

  4. Scroll down the Table of Contents until you reach the final items which organize all of the sermons on that archive by Date, Series, and Reference.

  5. Select the option you want to use and browse the available sermons for those that match what you’re looking for.

  6. You can also search the text of the entire archive for a particular word or phrase using an Inline Search. Click the search icon and type a word or phrase in the search field. Logos displays every hit in context, letting you choose which sermons to examine in more detail.

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