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Perform a Book, Bible, or Morph search within a resource using the Inline Search feature. While the Search tool performs a search of all or a portion of your Logos library, the Inline Search is limited to the active resource.

Note: Inline Search options vary depending on the resource you’re searching.


Perform a Search

  1. Open the resource you want to study.
  2. Click the Inline Search icon  in the panel toolbar. A new toolbar will appear below the main panel toolbar.

  3. Select whether you want to perform a Book, Bible, or Morph search using the Search Type drop-down menu.

  4. Select the field you want to search using the Search Field drop-down menu.  
  5. If you’re searching a Bible, select the passage range you want to search from the Passage Search drop-down menu.

  6. Enter your query in the Inline Search box. As you type, Logos will provide a dropdown list of suggested queries.

  7. Select one of these and Logos will run the search. If you wish you can continue typing to refine your search query. The resource panel will change from the text of your resource into a list of results for your search query.


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