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All of your Notes are synced to your Logos account and are available to you in the Logos desktop app, the Logos Bible mobile app, and anywhere at


Display Your Notes in the Text

Tap the context menu icon , scroll down the menu, and select View Settings.

In the View Settings menu, toggle Show Notes on. Tap Done.

Your notes will display as an icon adjacent to the word, phrase, or reference where it’s anchored. To display the contents of a note, tap the note icon.

Create a Note Anchored to a Word or Phrase.

Highlight a word, phrase, or reference. The selection menu will appear. Tap the right arrow, then select Note.

Write your note and, if desired, set the notebook and add more anchors. Tap Done.


Create a Note Anchored to a Bible Reference

  1. Scroll to the verse you to which you want your note to be anchored. (Make sure the correct reference is displayed in the reference box.)
  2. Tap the panel menu icon .
  3. Select Take a Note. Write your note, then tap Done.

Create a Note Associated with a Highlight

Tap and drag to highlight text in any resource. Tap the Create Note icon . Write your note.

Delete a Note

To delete a note, tap to open it. In the Notes tool, tap the context menu icon . Tap Delete Note.


  1. Tap the menu icon .
  2. Select Notes.
  3. Select All Notes to search and view all of your notes. To search and manage your notes by notebook, select Notebooks.

Restore a Deleted Note or Notebook

  1. Tap the menu icon .
  2. Select Notes.
  3. Tap Trash.
  4. Select either Trashed Notes or Trashed Notebooks.
  5. Tap the context menu icon , then tap Select.

Select the notes or notebooks you want to restore, then tap Restore at the bottom of the screen.

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