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Logos Mobile - Highlight Text

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With the Logos mobile app, you can quickly and easily markup a resource as you read and study. You can add notes or highlight text, just as you would with a print work.

Note: For information on working with mobile Notes, click here.


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Working with Highlights

Accessing your Highlights from the Notes Tool


Working with Highlights

  1. Tap and drag over the text you’d like to highlight. This applies the last highlighting style you used to the selected text.



  1. To change the highlighting style, tap the highlighted text once.
  2. Logos displays six markup options (as shown below). Tap any one of them to apply it. But if you want to see all of your highlighting options, tap the panel menu icon Kebab_Vertical.svg to the right of the highlighting styles.



  1. To delete your highlight, tap the trash can icon in the highlighting menu.



Accessing your Highlights from the Notes Tool

All of your highlights are stored alongside your notes in the Notes Tool, which can be accessed by:

  1. Tapping anywhere within the Logos app,
  2. Tapping the drawer icon Hamburger.svg in the bottom right,
  3. Scrolling down and tapping Notes.svg Notes,
  4. Tapping Notes.svg All Notes at the top of the screen.

Here, you'll find all of your notes and highlights. Tap on any highlight to add a note to it, add an additional reference or quotation as an anchor, change the highlighting style, or delete the highlight altogether.

For more on how to use the Notes Tool, click here.

Note: You can set your mobile highlights to save to a particular notebook from Settings in the navigation menu.


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