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How do I search for Theological Topics?

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Logos Bible Software includes tools and resources that allow you to search for theological topics in some resources.


The Lexham Survey of Theology

The Lexham Survey of Theology (LST) provides a brief introduction to the major topics of systematic theology. The 234 topics addressed are grouped into eight categories including the Trinity, Scripture and Revelation, the Works of God, Humanity, Christ, the Holy Spirit and Salvation, the Church, and the Last Things.  

Each topic features a definition, an article-length description of the topic, key biblical passages discussing that topic, a list of recommended resources, and links to related concepts.


Search the Lexham Systematic Theology Ontology (LSTO)

Logos has annotated spans within hundreds of systematic theologies to correspond with the 234 topics discussed in the LST, and it has done so with the LSTO. The important benefit to annotating spans is that you can search within these annotated spans.

For example, if you want to find any references to sanctification as a process within your systematic theologies, you can search for the word “process” within the “Sanctification” section of the LSTO using the search: process WITHIN {Section <LSTO Sanctification>}.

Note: as with all power-user searches, the operators are case-sensitive and need to be typed as you see here.


The example above has limited the results to hits within a user-generated collection, but you can also accomplish this with an Everything or Basic search.


Note: This search will only reveal the words you enter, not their synonyms, but you can add additional operators to your search to find multiple terms. Using the example above, I’m trying to find references to sanctification as a process occurring gradually over time rather than as an instantaneous event. So, I can add more terms to the first half of the search, so that Logos will look for multiple terms: process OR gradual WITHIN {Section <LSTO Sanctification>}. If you want to run more complex searches like this, try limiting your query to a collection.


You can also run searches like this in the Bible of your choice.


This searches the text of the Key Verses flagged for each topic within the LST. Since your theologies will likely use theological terminology, you may not be able to run the exact same search in your theologies and Bibles, but the mechanics are the same.

Note: You can use all the available query syntax options to search the LSTO. Even if you’re not a power user, you can use the Logos Search Templates to build your query.


Logos continues to annotate additional resources, making this search richer and more powerful every time. If you’d like to suggest resources that should be prioritized for future inclusion in the LSTO, consider joining Faithlife's LST group.

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