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Navigating the Docs menu

The Docs menu has received a major update in Logos 8. First, and perhaps most obviously, the menu is now called Docs, rather than Documents. It is still located on the main toolbar right next to Guides. Other changes include:


  • The Docs menu has a navigation menu button  in the upper left. This expands or collapses the Filter menu on the left of the menu.


  • Next to the navigation menu button, you’ll find the search box. Use this to search particular docs by name.


  • Docs has separate tabs for your documents (Yours), documents shared with groups you are part of (Groups), and those shared by other Logos users (Public). Click the Groups or Public tabs to view shared documents. Add shared documents to your docs by selecting documents and clicking  Add to your docs or right-clicking any document and clicking Add to your docs.




  • Toward the right of the menu, you’ll find a button to open the new notes tool.


  • Next to the Open Notes button is where you can create new docs. Click New and then select a document type to create.



  • Click  to open the Docs menu in its own panel.


  • Click the panel menu icon  to reveal the text size slider.



  • With the Your tab active, a  Share icon will be available. As already mentioned, with the Public tab active, this becomes  Add to your docs.


  • With the navigation menu expanded, click the search icon  on the Filter pane to search for a particular filter in the list below. Otherwise, expand and collapse sections to browse for relevant filters.


  • At the bottom of the Filter pane, you will find the  Trash. This link displays all of the deleted files which have been synced with Faithlife’s servers. Here, you can select documents to undelete and restore to your local Logos installation.



  • The main display shows all the documents that meet your search or filter criteria. Click a column header to sort the results by that header. Click a document’s name to open it.


  • Drag the triangle on the bottom right of the menu to resize the menu.


Open the Docs Menu in Logos

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