Sharing and Collaborating on a Notebook

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As a Bible study leader, you often spend the initial meeting getting everyone up to speed on the background, authorship, and cultural backdrop of the passage you’re studying. What if you could give your study group a clickable notebook which brings them directly to the sources and allows them further exploration? Then, as the study progresses, wouldn’t it be helpful if everyone could contribute their own observations and questions in one centralized notebook so that you can prepare and address them when everyone meets together?

Sharing a notebook is a simple way to share your findings from Logos with others, and you can also collaborate on a notebook, allowing others to contribute.

Share a notebook for viewing or collaboration

You can quickly and easily share a notebook with the entire community of Logos users or with a specific group. To share a notebook, open the notebook in the Notes tool, and click Share on the toolbar.

Click Share From The Notebook Toolbar

Note: On anchored notes, users will not be able to go to the original source unless they have the book in their library.

Next, choose whether you would like to make your notebook public or share it with a specific group.

Make a notebook public

Making a notebook public generates a link you can send to anyone so they can access the notebook. This is the simplest way to share a notebook with a class. It also allows any Logos user to find it on the Public tab of the Documents menu.

Note: Published notebooks are view-only, so there is no option for collaboration (although you can duplicate the public notebook to make private edits and notes if desired). If you would like to collaborate, share a notebook with a group instead.

  1. Toggle Make document public to Yes (switching the toggle back to No unshares your notebook).
    Toggle Make Document Public To Yes

  2. Click Copy to copy a link to the notebook. After you have copied the link, you can share it with others.
    Click Copy To Copy The Link To The Notebook

    Note: If others click the link you share, it brings them to the notebook in Once they’ve signed in, they can click Get Copy to download a copy of the notebook, after which they will be able to view the notebook in Logos. Alternatively, they can get a copy of the notebook from the Public tab of the Documents menu.

  3. Click Done.

Share a notebook with a group

Sharing a notebook with a group allows your group members to either view or collaborate on the notebook in Logos, depending on your selection. This is the simplest way to share a notebook with a study group.

  1. Select the Group tab.
    Select The Group Tab

  2. Click the dropdown menu and select a group. If you don’t already have a group set up, create a new group.
    Select A Group From The Dropdown Menu

  3. To enable collaboration in the notebook by anyone in your group, check Collaborate (everyone can edit).
    Check Collaborate To Enable Collaboration In The Notebook

    Note: When collaborating in the notebook, Logos does not track contributions by user. If you would like to keep track of who contributes what, consider using a different font color for each user.

  4. Click Done.

Users in the group to which you’ve shared the notebook can find it by opening the Documents menu in Logos and selecting the Groups tab.

Find Shared Notebook By Clicking Documents Menu And Selecting Group Tab

They must then select the notebook and click Add to your docs to download the notebook. Now they’re ready to view or collaborate!

Select Notebook And Click Add To Your Docs

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