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With Logos, you have a massive library and powerful tools at your fingertips. Many of these can be quickly accessed with just a right mouse click. Right-clicking opens the Context menu, which allows you to perform searches, open tools, and create documents.

Note: Context menu options will vary depending on your base package and the resource used.


Get Started

  1. Open a resource, such as a Bible, and right-click a word or highlight to open the Context menu.


  2. The left pane of the Context menu displays options allowing you to select exactly what it is you want to search. Click an option on the left to change the options displayed on the right to provide the most relevant tools. The top of the right pane features a header describing the context label selected on the left side.


    Each context label features an icon to distinguish it from the rest. The topmost section brings up commands for the selection and reference, but the second section features original language commands including:

    • : tools to examine the form of the word presented in the Manuscript itself.

    • : tools to dig into the Lemma of the selected word.

    • : tools for language study on the Root of the selected word.

    • : displays morphological information about the word and tools to dive in deeper.

    • : quick access to the Strong's and Louw-Nida data for the selected word.

    • : tools to explore the word's Sense.

  3. The right pane displays commands. Use these links as quick access to the tools, guides, searches, etc. in Logos to delve deeper into your desired information. The commands available are sorted into sections, and when there are more commands available than can fit in the panel, you can scroll up and down to view all of the options. 

  4. Selecting a command in the right pane executes that command.


Copy Bible Verses

You can access the Copy Bible Verses tool from the Context Menu. To do this:

  1. Select the verse(s) you want to copy.

  2. Open the Context Menu by clicking the more options icon () in the Selection Menu or by right-clicking your selection.

  3. Ensure the Selection option has been chosen on the left side of the menu.

  4. Choose the copy option you want to use next to Copy verse.


Additional Resources

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