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Check for Resource Updates Manually

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How to manually check for updates within Logos

Solution: Manually Check Updates

If a resource is still not downloading automatically, follow the steps below to force Logos to check for updates manually.

  • Open Logos.
  • Click into the "Command Box" at the top of the Logos window.
  • Type "Update Resources" and press Enter.

Watch for the words "Checking for updates" in the top-right corner of the program (Mac: bottom-right). Wait for this message to disappear. This may take several minutes and the program may seem unresponsive while checking. Please do not attempt to use Logos during this process. After checking, a download should begin and you will be prompted to complete the process by restarting Logos.

After restarting Logos the book should begin to download automatically.

Scanning Resources: Click here to learn how to scan resources from a disc or other location into Logos.


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