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Copy Bible Verses

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Use the Copy Bible Verses tool to copy text from a Bible version in your Logos library, select the formatting, and paste it into a word processing document and/or other software.


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Quick Copy
Copy with Alternate Formatting
Copy with Custom Style
Copy Non-sequential Verses


Quick Copy


  1. Click Tools and scroll down until you see Passage. Select Copy Bible Verses.




Note: You may also type Copy Bible Verses in the search box and press Enter. The Copy Bible Verses tool appears in a new panel.


  1. Enter the reference for the biblical passage you want to copy into the Reference box and press Enter. (You may also choose from one of the suggested sections in the drop-down menu. These suggestions appear as you type the reference.)



Note: Entering the book name and chapter automatically selects the entire chapter. When entering a reference, Logos recognizes multiple formats.


For example:


  • 1 John 1:1-3
  • 1jo 1 1-3
  • 1st John 1.1-3
  • See the complete list of recognized abbreviations here.


  1. Click Copy (this copies text to your clipboard; you can paste in any program) or Copy and Paste (this copies text and pastes it in the active window of the program you selected).


Note: This action will copy (or copy and paste) based on the active formatting.


Copy with Alternate Formatting


To change the format of your chosen text:


  1. Click the Formatting drop-down menu and make a selection to choose how the copied text appears when you paste it.




Note: The highlighted text displays your current setting and changes will automatically be saved for future use.


  1. Click the Bible version drop-down menu and make a selection to choose which Bible you would like to use.



  1. Click the Destination drop-down menu and make a selection to choose the application you want to use.




Note: You can use this tool even if the program you are using does not appear in the list.

Copy with Custom Styles


You can create a new style or customize an existing style (It’s typically easier to customize an existing style than to start from scratch). To customize an existing style:


  1. Click the panel menu icon _Kebab_-_18px.svg in the Copy Bible Verses panel and select Edit Style: [style name].




  1. From the text pane, you can add or remove formatting markup. For a complete list of formatting options and markup, click Help to see the Logos Help documentation.




Copy Non-sequential Verses


You can copy as many different verses as you want at one time. To do so, include a comma or semicolon between passages, e.g. John 1:12, 1 John 3:1, Romans 8:16.


Note: Do not include a comma or semicolon after the final reference.



Open the Copy Bible Verses tool in Logos


Additional Resources


Logos Help: Copy Bible Verses

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