Installation Did Not Succeed

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You may receive one of the following errors when attempting to update or install Logos Bible Software:

  • "Installation of Logos Bible Software did not succeed."
  • "Installation of Logos Bible Software Prerequisites did not succeed."

This error may occur if the Windows Installer is already in use by another installation, if a previous installation has been suspended, or if the service cannot be accessed.


Solution 1


While this error is not very descriptive, the most common causes are unfinished Windows updates. In most cases, these updates are waiting to apply changes during the boot process. Restarting the computer should allow this to complete.

After restarting, attempt the update or installation from the installation page again.


Solution 2


  • Step 1: Run the installer

    If restarting the computer did not resolve the issue, it will be necessary to collect more information about the specific cause of the error by running the individual installer separately.

    Tip: It should only be necessary to perform this step for one of the installers. Please use the installer that matches your error message. Do not attempt if you did not receive the error message at the top of this article.

    • Open Windows File Explorer.

    • Navigate to C:\Users\user-name*\AppData\Local\Logos\Install\Installers

    • Open the installer ("Logos.msi").

    • Click "Next" until the specific error message is displayed.

    • Open Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc).

    • Click More details if it is available in the bottom left.

    • Click the Details tab.

    • Locate "msiexec.exe".

    • Select the process and click End Task or End Process.

    • Repeat for any additional instances of the process.

    • Retry the Logos installation or update.

      Step 2: Apply the best solution

      Installation "Suspended": If you receive an error stating that a previous installation is "suspended", you should be prompted to "roll back" or "undo changes". Click OK to proceed. The suspended installation will be removed and the Logos Installer should proceed unhindered.
      It may be necessary to retry the previously suspended installation afterward by opening the application it came from.

      "Another installation is in progress": This message indicates that the Windows Installer is still trying to install something else in the background. If you have any other programs or installations running, close them or wait for them to finish before installing Logos.

      If no other installations appear to be running, follow the instructions below to manually terminate the process.

  • Step 3: Retry the installation

    You should now be able to proceed with your Logos installation or update. You can download the installer to complete this process on the installation page.

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