Unable to Connect to Logos.com

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When opening or signin in to Logos a message appears saying, "Setup was Unable to connect to Logos.com."

It is important to verify the version of Logos you are running is the latest version released, and that your computer date and time are accurate.

  • The best way to verify the version of Logos is up to date is by running the most recently released Logos installer from here.
  • Verify that your computer's date and time are correct (Windows | macOS), and that your Windows computer has the current root certificates. Both are required for Logos to establish a secure connection to our servers.

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Follow the solutions below when running the most recent Logos update and the computer's date and time are correct.

Solution 1: Internet Connection

Check your local internet connection. If you are connecting through a wireless network (WLAN), try moving closer to the router, or plugging directly in to the router with an ethernet cable to improve network performance.


Solution 2: Firewalls and Proxies

Do you connect through a Firewall or Proxy Server? If your operating system has the latest root certificates, and you are otherwise able to access the internet, it is possible a security application installed on your machine is blocking Logos' connection. Such applications often have an "exceptions" list, which you can use to allow access by specific programs or folder paths. Try adding Logos Bible Software (logos.exe & logosIndexer.exe) to that Exceptions list (See Article).

If you are using a proxy server (most common at a work place or school network), we try to grab the proxy settings automatically, but you can enter them manually by holding the CTRL Key before and while Logos is opening. Click on "Proxy settings" to enter your HTTP Address and Credentials (if you don't know your credentials, your network administrator should be able to assist you).

If you are not using a Proxy Server, check that your computer is not inadvertently set to use proxy. In Windows, go to Control Panel>Internet Options>Connections tab>LAN Settings, make the "Use a proxy server" checkbox is unchecked.


Solution 3: Internet Filtering Software

If you use CyberSitter or a similar internet filtering software, consider uninstalling or disabling it. If that resolves the problem, contact the software publisher for help adding Logos to an Exceptions List for your filtering software.


Solution 4A: Operating System Updates | macOS

You may need to install certain operating system, and Security updates to use Logos online. This Apple support article will walk you through that.


Solution 4B: Operating System Updates | Windows

Make sure your computer is up to date on the latest root certificates. When Logos attempts to log in to our server, it needs the latest Root Certificates to verify our servers as trusted. You will find them in the Optional Updates section of Windows Update. Please continue running updates followed by rebooting your computer until the root certificates update is no longer available.

Solution 5: Reset the Winsock (Windows)

If the previous solutions do not resolve the issue or do not apply to you, try the following:

Windows 10 | Windows 11:

  1. Follow Microsft's steps here to learn how to open Command Prompt as an administrator.
  2. Copy and paste the following in the to Command Prompt
    netsh winsock reset
  3. Tap the Enter key
  4. Restart the Computer

Solution 6: Use a differnet network

Changing the local network you are using is a good way of eliminating it as a potential cause of the problem. This can be accomplished by takin the machine to a different location with a differnet internet connection, or even by "hotspotting" your mobile phone (iOS | Android) to the computer and use the phone's celular data as the internet source.

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