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The Logos indexer powers search throughout the application by building an index of your library. Indexing is essential for finding results from every resource in your library. This initial index may take a significant amount of time, but later updates to the index should take less time.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I add a new book?

New books will be indexed separately, and then merged into the main index. This is typically much faster than building the initial index.


Is there a way to pause indexing?

Yes. There is an option to pause the indexing process for 4 hours at a time. You'll find it next to the synchronization menu on the main toolbar.


Note: You can also pause indexing by right-clicking on the Logos indexer icon that appears in the System Tray (near the computer's clock and internet connection icons) on Windows or by clicking the same icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen on macOS.

Pausing the indexer will prevent it from processing more information, reducing the strain on some system resources, but does not free up memory that is already in use.


Can I speed it up?

Indexing speed is also affected by the amount of memory available and the speed of your hard drive. Upgrading RAM or replacing the computer's drive with a Solid State Drive hard drive may increase indexing speed significantly on some systems.

If you feel like the indexing process is taking an unusual amount of time, see if pausing your anti-virus or backup software helps speed up the process. If that does not speed the process up note the current percentage completed and check it in 20 minutes.

If the percentage has increased, please remain patient and allow it to complete. If the amount has remained the same there is a chance the process has stopped working (see Troubleshooting section below).


Indexing Tips

  • Do not put your computer to sleep (or closing the lid) while indexing.
  • You may find using your computer while indexing makes it perform more slowly. Using your computer will not harm the index, but depending on the hardware you may feel it take longer to respond to your actions.
  • You can rebuild the index overnight if you suspect using the computer while indexing will become problematic (see Troubleshooting section below).



Indexing Errors:

Indexing is generally a very smooth process, but problems can occur.

The indexer may stop running prematurely which will either result in a message saying that, "Logos Bible Software Indexer has encountered a problem and needs to close", or you may see the indexer remain at a percentage for longer than normal (20-30 minutes).

Should you experience either behavior follow the steps outlined below:

  • On Windows, look for a Logos icon in the system tray next to the computer's clock. You may need to click the "Show hidden icons" button to reveal the icon.
  • On Mac, look for the Logos icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Rebuild the Index with Logging Enabled

  1. Open Logos with logging enabled.
  2. Wait for the indexer to stop running.
  3. Click the Command box at the top of the window.
  4. Enter the command: "Rebuild Index", wait for the phrase to appear in the auto-complete picker, and click the repeated phrase under the word Tools

The indexer should begin rebuilding your index immediately. This may take several hours for large libraries. If the indexer continues to stop working please send us the log files (see the above linked article for how to enable logging and report the problem above).


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