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Sometimes when reading a biblical passage having quick access to basic reference materials can be helpful to get a bit more context or to explore linked passages. You might not need all of the functionality provided by a Passage Guide but you do want a bit of additional insight. 

The Insights Sidebar provides this functionality using a pane directly within your Bible panel, making it easy to quickly reference Study Bibles, Commentaries and relevant associated passages. This can, for example, provide background information on Jewish weddings when reading John 2:1-12 or show that 1 Peter 2:25 alludes to Isaiah 53:6. And when you don't need it, you can simply toggle it off until you're looking for further insight again.

Note: This capability is available to all users of the web app but requires AI credits on desktop.

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Open the Insights Sidebar

To open the Insights Sidebar on desktop,

  1. Click the right sidebar button Translate Sidebar icon in an open Bible.
  2. Then select Insights Insights to open that specific sidebar.

The Insights Sidebar shows snippets of articles from your highest prioritised Study Bible and your highest prioritized relevant commentary.

Related Books In Insights Sidebar


Click More at the bottom to expand the article. You can click the name of the book to open it in a separate panel.

Expanded Information In The Insights Sidebar


Web app functionality is the same but there are a few minor visual differences, most significantly that the Insights button is always visible at the top of the panel rather than within the sidebar.

Insights Sidebar On Web App


Select Different References Books

To specify a different reference book for the Insights Sidebar, click the small chevron to the right of the book's name and select a different book from the popup menu.

Change Reference Book In Insights Sidebar


The web app provides the same functionality but doesn't provide a filter box at the top of the list.

Change Reference Book In Insights Sidebar On Web App


Beneath the Related Books section is a Related Passages section that is displayed when there are linked passages to the one you are studying. This includes information drawn from the New Testament Use of the Old Testament Interactive and a range of cross-reference and harmony books.

Click the title of a cross-reference book to open it to the appropriate section.

Related Passages In Insights Sidebar

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