How to use your affiliate dashboard

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Need help learning how to use your affiliate dashboard?

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to access your affiliate links, update your important tax information, track your commission, and monitor your affiliate link performance.


Affiliate Dashboard Overview 

Start by accessing your affiliate dashboard at

At the top of your dashboard, you’ll get a glimpse of your traffic over the last fourteen days to see how many people have clicked on your affiliate links.



On the top left side, you’ll find:

  • How to refer an affiliate
  • General information about Logos
  • The current month’s stats (clicks, conversions, and commission earnings)
  • How to manage and update your tax information 
  • Payment history



Accessing Your Affiliate Links

Next, we’re going to visit the most important section where you’ll find all of your available affiliate links. click My Links at the top of the page.

my links.png


As you can see, there’s a full list of every type of promotion that is currently available through the affiliate program along with the commission each promotion offers.

Copy the affiliate link and paste it onto your website, blog, social content, or wherever you plan it to share with your audience.

partner link url.png


To see more details as well as where to find approved marketing images, click the name of the promotion.

promo name.png


Under “Special Instructions,” you’ll find a designated link that provides all of the creative images you need to help share your content.

promo images 100.png


Certain promotions allow you to use your affiliate link for any page on a given website. These will be the promotions that have “Any Page” in their title. For them to work correctly, they’ll need to have a certain code added into the URL.

Read this article to learn more about how to use these links.


Access Your Reporting

The last part of your dashboard we’ll cover is how to view reports showing how your links are performing and how much commission you’ve earned. The three types of reports are Campaign Performance, Daily Breakout, and Sub ID Breakout.

Campaign Performance allows you to run reports on all of your campaigns over a certain period of time.

campaign performance.png


Daily Breakout gives you a broader report of all your campaigns combined on a day-to-day basis.

daily breakout.png


Sub ID Breakout allows you to run a more detailed report (as opposed to a more general report like the Campaign Performance report) on a specific campaign over a certain period of time.

sub ID.png


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