How to get paid commission as a Logos affiliate

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Commission payouts happen within the first 5–10 business days of each month. Payouts will only occur if you’re owed commissions of $50 or more. Any commissions totaling less than $50 will roll over to the following month until the threshold has been met. Affiliate links are for website sales only. Phone sales don't earn commission.

Each active promotion has its own designated commission percentage. Logos base package offers are usually 10% commission while other offers are 5%. Special promotions occur throughout the year that may have as high as a 20% commission rate. It’s important to check your affiliate dashboard regularly and read our monthly affiliate newsletter for the latest affiliate promotions available.

Logos pays all affiliates who are United States residents via check. This will be sent to the address listed on your W-9. Make sure your address is up to date to ensure it’s delivered to the appropriate location. This can be done directly from your affiliate dashboard. You can read this article to learn how to update your W-9 or other tax form if needed. Expect approximately three weeks from the first of the month for the check to be mailed.

Affiliates of Logos who are outside of the United States are paid via PayPay. Please be sure to notify us of the email address connected to your PayPal account by emailing

Logos also offers affiliates the option to receive Logos credit. Logos credit will amount to 2X commission earned and will apply to your Logos account within the first 5–10 business days of the month. This credit can be redeemed for any purchase made at

If you’d prefer credit instead of a check, please email

Important: Please note that once you’ve made the switch from receiving checks for your commission to receiving Logos credit, it cannot be reversed.

If you haven’t received credit for a sale and you think you should have, please reach out to with the proof of sale (order number) and your affiliate ID. Please note that Logos is not responsible for sales that were not tracked due to customer technical issues or tracking-blocker software.

Still have questions? Please reach out to to email someone from our team.

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