Create a Custom Series

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You can assign each resource in your Library to a Series, which is a way to associate resources together. Custom Series in Logos behave as a whole rather than separate parts.

The Logos Library organizes your resources by default, allowing filtering by type, language, and more. For sets of resources, Logos creates a Series and assigns all resources to that series (i.e., all commentaries in a set). You can, however, create a custom Series. Each resource can belong to only one Series.

Note: You can also create Collections in Logos, which provide another way to organize your Library. Collections are most important for searching in Logos because you can restrict searches in Logos to specific Collections. Learn more about Collections.

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View Resources by Series

For sets of resources, Logos creates a Series and assigns all resources to that series (i.e., all commentaries in a set). To view existing Series, open the Library, ensure the filter panel Hamburger icon is visible, and expand Series.

View Existing Series

Note that many resources are not placed into a Series by default.

Add a Resource to a Series

With the Library open, select a resource (not the hyperlinked title) and ensure the info pane Info icon is visible. Select a resource and scroll down to Series.

View Series On A Resource

Pro Tip: You can also hold down the Shift (macOS) or Ctrl (Windows) key to select and change multiple resources at the same time.

Click Set Series and provide a custom Series name.

Set A Series Name

Remember, each resource can be assigned to only one Series.

Note: To remove a resource from a Series, click to edit the Series text and remove the text in the input field. If the resource was part of a default Series (e.g., a commentary set), Logos will reapply the original Series to the resource.


Here are two examples where Series can help your study:

1. Full original language Bible

When reading in a Greek Bible, if you type an Old Testament reference, Logos will not return results since your Bible is New Testament only. If you, however, add both the Greek and Hebrew Bible to a custom Series (e.g., “Original Language Bible”), as you turn between Old and New Testament books, Logos will switch between Hebrew and Greek as needed.

Original Language Bible

2. Custom commentary set

Logos allows you to prioritize resources and commentary sets in your Library, but changing texts will attempt to stay within the same commentary set since they belong to the same default series. When viewing the NICNT Commentary in Mark, for example, turning to Luke will stay within the commentary set.

You can, however, create a custom Series of commentaries to tell Logos to switch between your favorite commentary for each Bible book as you switch passages.

Custom Commentary Series

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