How to Send a License Claim Link to Students

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What is a License Claim Link/URL?


Once you grant licenses using Academic Portal or through LTI and your LMS, students are required to claim those licenses.  The claim process involves creating a new Logos account or signing into an existing account.  Once this is complete, the licenses will be added to that account.  


The "License Claim Link/URL" is a link unique to your institution that students can use to claim any licenses you have distributed to them.  If you are granting access to your school's custom library, students should receive automated emails with your link.  If your licenses are distributed using LTI and your LMS, students will be prompted to create or sign in to an account.  Even so, there may be times when you need to resend the claim link.  The steps below will describe how you can do this.


Option 1: Copy and Send the Claim Link in Your Own Communication


Step 1: Open Academic Portal


To find your school's claim link, you will need to open Academic Portal at


**Keep in mind that only those with administrative permissions will be able to access your institution in Academic Portal.  


Step 2: Find Your License Claim URL


Once you click on your institution in Academic Portal, you will be taken to the "Overview" page.  This is where you will find your school's unique license claim URL.



Again, this link can be used by students to claim any licenses that have been granted to them.  Send this link out, and once it is clicked, students will be prompted to create a new Logos account or sign in to an existing one.  Once this is complete, the licenses have been claimed.  


Option 2: Resend the Automated Emails with Link

*For more information on the automated emails, go to  


Step 1: Navigate to the Library in Academic Portal


In order to have Academic Portal resend the automated emails, you will need to first choose a library the user(s) needs access to. 


Step 2: Select Users


Next, you need to select which users to resend the emails to.  Keep in mind that you have the following options:

  • Search and select a single user
  • Import and select users by CSV
  • Filter the user list by tag and select users
  • Filter the user list by license status and select users


Step 3: Resend the Emails


Once users are selected, you can use the "Actions" menu to resend the claim link.



Once the "Resend invite emails" option is selected, the system will send the first automated email to initiate the claim process.  For more information about these email, go to  








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