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The Logos Mobile Home Page gives you quick access to featured content, your preferred Bible, Dashboard items (like layouts, reading plans, and lectionaries), and more. Tap the Home icon to open your Home page. 

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Jump into your Bible study

It only takes a few taps to dive right into your biblical studies from the Home Page. And to make things even easier, the mobile app provides several easy ways to do it.


The search bar at the top of the Home Page allows you to search your Library or enter a biblical passage. When you type a passage into the Search bar Logos will open your preferred Bible to that reference.

Table of Contents

Immediately to the right of the Search bar, you’ll find the Table of Contents icon . Simply tap the icon to open a visual map of the Bible.

From here, you can tap through from book to chapter to verse to open your preferred Bible to exactly the location you want.

Saved and Quickstart Layouts

Another handy option to quickly get into your study of the Bible is to use one of the Logos Quickstart Layouts in the Dashboard section of your Home page. Logos provides two options to choose from: the Bible and Commentary layout or the Bible and Study Bible layout. Both layout cards show thumbnails of the resources that will open.


Customize the Home Page

With a couple of taps, you can customize the way your mobile Home Page displays. If you want to rearrange the order of the sections, tap the Settings icon to open the Edit Sections view.

Then, tap Edit and rearrange the sections to your liking. 

Notice that your Dashboard and Explore sections feature a caret at the end of their rows. This means you can edit the contents of those sections from this screen as well.

Tap Dashboard, for example, then tap Edit to remove items or to rearrange the order in which they appear. You can also click the plus at the bottom right to add additional cards to your Dashboard.

You can add cards of the following types to your Dashboard:

  • Devotional

  • Reading Plan

  • Lectionary

  • Prayer List

  • Layout

Note: The options to add or remove cards are also available from the Dashboard section of the Home Page itself. With the Dashboard expanded, click the plus icon to open the same set of new card options you find on the previously mentioned screen. Tap the panel menu icon of an individual card to display the option to Remove card.

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