Church History Themes

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The Factbook’s Church History Themes and other Logos resources help you dive deep into the history of the church, from the time Jesus commissioned the building of his Church to the present day.

Note: Available in packages Starter and above.


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Why study church history?

What Logos tools should I use?

What resources should I use?


Why study church history?

Studying church history helps us to understand where we fit today in God’s plan of salvation. In the same way that the surrounding text informs the meaning of a specific verse, the surrounding context of Church history informs the meaning of our specific place in it. We can learn from the stories of our ancestors, both their successes and failures, and we can be challenged by the unrelenting faith of the Church during seasons of immense persecution. Studying church history can help to answer questions like:

  • How did the Church decide which books of the Bible are canon?
  • Where did the term “Trinity” come from?
  • What heresies did the Church refute throughout history (like Gnosticism, Arianism, Montanism), and how can we make sure they do not creep back into the Church?
  • What other issues has the Church faced in the past, and how has it handled them?
  • How has the Church’s view on the sacraments, like baptism, developed over time?
  • Where do the creeds we say every Sunday come from?

What Logos tools should I use?

The Factbook has an entire section devoted to church history called Church History Themes. Each theme includes the theme’s timing, which era(s) it belongs to, and a brief explanation of what happened as well as key developments, people, events, places, concepts, and documents. To browse the church history themes, first open the Factbook by clicking the Factbook icon Factbook icon on the toolbar.

Open Factbook


Then, expand the Factbook menu by clicking the Menu icon Hamburger icon.

Open Factbook menu


From the dropdown, select Church History Theme.

Select Church History Theme


Finally, select your desired theme.

Select a theme

Note: If you’ve selected a church history theme but no information populates in the theme, make sure you’ve downloaded the Church History Themes resource to your library.

What resources should I use?

If you want to dive even deeper, all Logos packages include many valuable resources to aid you in your study of church history, such as:

To view all church history resources already included in your library, first, click the Library icon Library - New icon.

Open Library


Then, click the Menu icon Hamburger icon.

Open Library menu


Finally, expand the Subject filter and select Church History.

Select church history


Alternatively, you can search for a specific resource in your Library using the search bar.

Use searchbar

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