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When selecting any text in the Logos mobile app, the Text Selection Menu gives you quick access to the most commonly-used actions and tools.

Note: Available in packages Starter and above.

Show the Text Selection Menu

Tap to select the current sentence or verse or double-tab to select a single word. Once you select text, you can increase or decrease the selection using the selection handles.

Show Selection Menu

Note: If you press and drag text immediately (without holding), Logos will use your last highlighting style to markup your selected text. Learn more about highlighting in Logos mobile.

Text Selection Menu sections

The Text Selection Menu is resource-dependent, so each selection card will reflect the selected content.

The menu includes three sections.


The top section shows your most recently-applied highlights. Swipe left in the row of highlights to reveal more, up to a limit of 20. You can access additional highlights by tapping the more actions icon Kebab Vertical icon.

More Highlighting Options


Guides and Tools

The middle section includes quick links to Guides and Tools. Depending on your selection, this section will include options like:

  • Copy
  • Share
  • Note
  • Search
  • Bible Word Study
  • Passage Guide

Guides And Tools


Info Cards

The final section includes preview cards showing Factbook entries, original language word info, and more. Select any info card to view more details or tap the more actions icon Kebab Vertical icon to see additional options.

Card More Details

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