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How do I set up enhanced voices in iOS?

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Your listening experience in the Logos Mobile app will be much better if you use an enhanced voice. Follow these steps to set up an enhanced voice today:

  1. Open the iOS settings app

  2. Navigate to Accessibility > Spoken Content > Voices

    Accessibility Spoken Content Voices
  3. Tap your primary language

  4. Find an enhanced voice by tapping a name with a caret Caret Right 1Px icon to the right.

    Note: Some of the English language voices that have enhanced options are Samantha, Karen, Moira, Tessa, and Daniel.

  5. Download an enhanced voice by tapping the download icon for a voice with (Enhanced) beside the name.


    Note: Due to Apple’s current restrictions against 3rd parties using “Siri” voices in their apps, the “Siri” voice option will not function properly on the Logos app.

  6. Once the voice is downloaded, tap the name again to set it as the active voice.

    Note: The active voice will have a checkmark to the right.

  7. Return to the Logos app and open the audio player as normal.

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