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Prayer lists are collections of requests you can track and schedule. Organize your prayers, schedule how often you want to pray for them, and then mark how God answered. On any given day, you can view and pray through all requests you’ve planned for the day.

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Create a Prayer List

To create a prayer list, follow these steps:

  1. Expand the navigation menu and tap Prayers.

    prayers list in sidebar


  2. Tap the plus icon.

    add new prayer button highlighted


  3. Add a descriptive name and tap Add.


Add a New Prayer to a List

  1. Expand the navigation menu and tap Prayers to view your current lists.

    select prayer list in prayers view


  2. Select a list and tap the plus icon.

    Provide details for the request. Each prayer request has:

    • Title: Give your prayer a title in the input field.
    • Notes: Write key information about your prayer here below the title.
    • Schedule: Set Logos mobile to place your request on a set schedule.
    • List: You can change the list on which your prayer request appears.
  3. Click Add to finish the request.

    new prayer modal


Pray through Requests

  1. Tap Prayers in the navigation menu. 

    prayers list in sidebar


  2. Tap Today’s Prayers to view prayers scheduled for today.

    Note: You can also access prayers scheduled for today from the Logos mobile home page.

  3. Tap to mark requests as “prayed.”

  4. Swipe to mark a request answered, prayed for, or to delete it.

    Note: To provide details for answered requests, open a prayer and add text describing how God answered in the answer field. All previously-answered requests show in a separate section of your prayer list below your active requests.

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