Error Playing Media

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You receive the error message "Error loading audio" or "Connection Error This feature requires an internet connection" when attempting to play media from a resource in Logos. This means that Logos is unable to establish a strong enough internet connection for it to stream the media.





Go where your internet connection is strong and download both the resource, and media to resolve this problem.

  1. Open the Logos Bible app

  2. Find the resource in the Library list

  3. If you have not already downloaded the resource, tap the download icon to the right of the title. (It will display a check-mark if it has already been downloaded)

  4. Tap the three vertical dots that display to the right of the title

  5. Tap “About this book”

  6. Tap “Media Downloads” (This option will only become available after using the "Download" button.)

  7. Tap "Download All" or download the media you currently wish to watch or listen to.

Downloading all the media may take some time. Instead of using “Download All”, you might want to tap to the right of individual items to download the sections you currently wish to view. You can then remove these later and download additional sections as you work your way through this material.

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