Having trouble with Notes and Highlights in the Mobile app?

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I can’t see my notes or highlights.

Check the following:

  • Where did you create the notes, and have you synced your device(s)? Notes won’t appear across devices if they haven’t been synced. 
  • Do you have a solid network connection? Syncing requires a solid network connection.
  • Is this a standard highlight or a custom highlight? Some custom highlights may not appear in the mobile apps.


I can’t create highlights.

Check the following:

  • Is the Notes setting turned on? If it isn’t, a highlight might appear for a second and then disappear. Please make sure the Notes setting is turned on.
  • Is Swipe to Highlight turned on? If you expect swipe-to-highlight to work, it must be enabled.


When I highlight it selects blocks of text.

 Is Smart Text Selection turned on? If so, turn it off.


I can’t delete highlights.

 Tap once on the Highlight, then tap on the trash icon.


I’m having a hard time highlighting text.

 Try the following:

  • Use a stylus.
  • Change the text to a larger size.
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