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Verifying Logos Bible is Synced | iOS

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If the Logos Bible app is not fully synced, you may not have access to all of your resources, notes, and highlights. Usually this syncing will just happen automatically, but you can use the following instructions to be sure that the app has fully synced. This can especially be beneficial if you have a large library, or a large quantity of notes or highlights. 

  1. Confirm sure the device is on a solid (and fast) Wi-Fi connection1
  2. We advise to connect the device to an outlet as it may take a while for this process to complete
  3. Disable Auto-Lock by navigating to to Settings on your device, Display & Brightness, and select Auto-Lock. Make sure that Auto-Lock is set to “Never
  4. Close any app that is still open, including Settings and the Logos app
  5. Open the Logos app and leave it displaying full-screen. Do not use any other apps until after this process is finished
  6. Press the Navigation menu icon in the lower-right corner of the app (this icon has three horizontal lines). Scroll down to “Sync Your Data” and tap on it
  7. Wait until the animation in the top-right disappears . This may take some time
  8. Turn Auto-Lock back on

1 It is important to use Wi-Fi, and not the data network provided by the devices service provider for your mobile device.)

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