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Logos Mobile - Access Your Mobile Education Content

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Accessing all of your Logos mEd courses within the mobile app is quick and easy. You can also download them for offline use just as you would any other Logos resource. Additionally, you can download only the audio from the course, or you can download the course videos on their own.


View Mobile Ed courses

Open the navigation menu by tapping the navigation menu icon . Next, tap Courses.


Note: You can also find your courses in the Library. Open your Library and enter type:course or author:mobile in the Search bar. Searching for the course type will surface more results than searching for resources written by the Logos Mobile Education team.

This will open the Courses tool, which contains all of the Courses in your Logos Library. From here, you can use the Search bar to find particular courses (ie. find all of your New Testament courses by entering NT in the search bar, or find courses by a particular teacher by entering a last name), or all of your Logos Mobile Education courses (by entering mobile in the Search bar).


Tap the download icon to store the course on your device.


Play course audio only

If you only want to listen to the audio of your courses, open the navigation menu by tapping the navigation menu icon . Next, tap Audio.


Search for the course you want to listen to (type mobile in the Search bar to find all of your mEd courses containing audio recordings).


Tap the download icon to store the audio for any course on your device.

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