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The Bible Word Study Guide provides detailed information about a specific word and its usage. It supports English words as well as original language Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic.




The mobile Bible Word Study Guide features three different sections.

  • The Definition section displays links to every lexicon and dictionary in your Library that contains an entry on your word.
  • The Translation section (also called Hebrew words or Greek words when an English word is entered) displays a translation ring of your word that can be expanded with a tap for more information on the various ways that word is translated including a list of key passages.
  • The Example Uses section (which does not display when an English word is entered) displays instances where your word appears in the Bible and shows how that word is used in context. 

Note: Since you probably won’t have most of these resources downloaded to your device, you’ll need internet access to view and interact with many of the resources contained in the Bible Word Study Guide.


Accessing and using the Bible Word Study Guide

While you can tap the navigation menu icon Hamburger.svg followed by a tap on Bible Word Study (or Study on Android), you are most likely going to run a Bible Word Study Guide by double-tapping (or tapping and holding) an interesting word, then tapping Study.




This opens a new Bible Word Study Guide on the underlying original language word you selected. You can always enter a new word in the Lookup field at the top. 

The guide is interactive and allows you to tap items to see more detail or open the linked resource in a new tab. For instance, tapping BDAG in the Definition section opens a new tab with A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, 3rd ed. opened to the entry on your word.

Note: The lexicons that appear depend on which ones are included in your Library.

Tapping a translation or a segment of the translation ring in the Translation section will display the verses in which the selected lemma is translated using a particular English word.


Working with original languages

You can run original language searches in the Bible Word Study Guide in a couple of different ways in addition to using the double-tap method described above.

The first is to add additional keyboards to your device. You can do this on iOS by navigating to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard. On Android, you’ll navigate to Settings > System > Languages & Input > Virtual keyboard > Gboard > Languages > Add keyboard. You can then add Greek and Hebrew keyboards to your system, which allows you to type in those languages in the Logos Bible Mobile app.

The second is to use transliteration. Simply type g: (for Greek), h: (for Hebrew), or a: (for Aramaic) preceding the transliterated form of the word you want to find (ie. g:charis) and Logos will either run the guide on your word or display a list of options to choose from.



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