7. Learn More About Using Logos

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In this series, you’ve been introduced to Logos, and how to perform basic tasks like reading a Bible, studying a word, and searching. You should be starting to feel comfortable using Logos. However, there’s much more to learn! If you’re interested in more training resources, check out the following:


Logos Bible Study Series 

This video series demonstrates how to perform basic Bible study using Logos.


Logos Sermon and Bible Study Prep Series 

This video series demonstrates how to prepare a sermon or Bible study using Logos.


Logos Advanced Bible Study Series

This video series is written to demonstrate how to use Logos for academic and theological study.


Morris Proctor’s Quickstart for Logos 10

This video series shows you everything you need to know to get up and running in Logos. (Requires Logos 10)


Syntax Search Video Series

This video series shows you how to use Logos to search for specific syntactical constructions.


See all Logos Training Videos

Visit the Logos Training channel on Faithlife TV to see every Logos training video, organized by topic.


Join the Community

Connect with other users and find expert help at the Logos forums.


Find Help On a Specific Topic

Explore the Logos Help Center to find guides for Logos tools and features.


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