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Logos Mobile - Text Comparison

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How to Compare Texts

Even if you’ve never studied the original biblical languages and the discussion of lemmas and clause structures is all Greek to you, there’s one indispensable tool for your biblical study: the Text Comparison tool. With Text Comparison you can quickly see how different English translations present the passage you’re studying, which will help you get a sense of how the original languages can be translated and understood in different ways.

You can access this tool from the panel menu of any Bible or commentary or from the More Items menu .

When you open Text Comparison, Logos displays the English text of your selected passage from each of your top Bibles. The first translation listed will be from your preferred Bible and each of the other translations will be compared to this text. Each translation will give a percentage of difference between it and your preferred Bible; the higher the percentage, the greater the difference between the way the translations render your passage. 

To open the passage in any of the listed Bibles, simply tap the translation name and Logos will open a new tab to your passage in that translation.

How to Change Bibles in Text Comparison

You have two options for how to change which Bibles appear in the Text Comparison tool, both of which require the Logos Desktop app. You can either modify your Top Bibles or create a Collection of your favorite Bibles.

To swap between Top Bibles and a Collection:

  1. Tap the Panel Menu icon at the top right of the Text Comparison tool.
  2. Tap the first option in the dropdown menu which will either show Top Bibles or the name of the Collection you're using.
  3. Tap one of the available options to set the Text Comparison tool to display results from the Bibles in the collection you have chosen.

Top Bibles

Your Top Bibles in Logos are the five Bibles that have been assigned the highest priority. Changing which Bibles belong in this group is a straightforward process.

In the Logos desktop app,

  1. Drag the Library icon onto your Logos window to keep it docked.

  2. Click the Navigation Menu icon to display your Library filters.

  3. Expand the Type filter and select Bible.

  4. Click the Panel Menu icon followed by Prioritize Resources.

  5. Drag at least five Bibles into the Prefer these resources pane and organize them with your preferred Bible first.

Click here to learn more about setting up your collection of Top Bibles. 

Favorite Bibles Collection

To create a Collection of your favorite Bibles in the Logos desktop app, open the Collections tool by clicking Tools, typing "Collection" in the search box, and clicking Collections. Click New in the top left to create a new collection of resources and give the collection a name, like "Favorite Bibles."

Enter the abbreviations or full titles of the Bibles you want to include in the Rule field and then drag the Bible's cover to the + Plus these resources section. When you're done, you will have created a collection of Bibles that only includes the translations you've selected.

Click here to learn more about setting up and editing Collections.

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