How do I get this month's free Logos book?

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This article shows you how to get a free Logos resource each month. If you don’t currently have Logos, you can download Logos for free by clicking here.

Did you know? You can also get free books from Verbum and from Faithlife Ebooks.


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Downloading your free resource

Opening your free resource


Downloading your free resource

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Add to Cart. A message appears at the top of the screen notifying you that the title has been successfully added to your cart.

    Free Book Of The Month-1

    Note: You also have the option of purchasing additional related titles at significant discounts.

  3. Click the shopping cart.

    Free Book Of The Month-2

  4. An Order Summary window displays showing the cost of the book as $0.00. Click Next. If you are not purchasing any additional titles, you may click Place order.

    Free Book Of The Month-3

    Did you know? You may sign up to receive email notifications about the Free Book of the Month. Scroll down the Free Book web page and enter your email address in the email field and click Sign Up.


Opening your free resource

A confirmation email is sent to the email address you use for your Logos account, and the title automatically downloads the next time that you open Logos with that same account.

You can also find your new resource by clicking the Library icon  and scrolling to Added. Click Last 7 Days. Your resource(s) appears. Click the title to open and begin reading.

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