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What are Milestones and how do I use them?

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This article introduces the concept of milestones in Logos and teaches you how to use them to efficiently navigate your study in Logos.

A Milestone marks a specific location or range within a Logos resource. Use the Milestone search extension to quickly search your resources for all the relevant locations that discuss your passage, not just those that mention the passage.

A Basic search (as shown below), searching for <Bible John 3:16> will find all references to John 3:16 in your library. This means that anytime a resource mentions John 3:16, it will be added to your results. 

You may easily be overwhelmed with more results than you have time to examine, and some of your results will prove irrelevant to your study. While it is sometimes helpful to see all the places where your passage is cited, there may be other times when you want to limit your search to show only those that contain the location of that verse - such as Bibles and Commentaries - and this is where Milestones can be really helpful.

Changing this Basic Search into a Milestone Search limits the results to the actual text of John 3:16 in a Bible or where John 3:16 is the focal point of a commentary or resource. This means that you will limit your search to only those results that are about John 3:16 itself and not just a passing reference, “proof text,” or cross reference. So, if you can navigate to a location within a resource by typing “John 3:16” that same location will surface when running a milestone search.


Constructing a Milestone Search

To change the above search to a Milestone search, enclose the reference in this string {Milestone } indicating that you want to construct a Milestone search. So in this case, the search string would become {Milestone <Bible John 3:16>}

Run this search in Logos.


Notice that the number of results using the Milestone search extension is much smaller - and the number of results will depend on resources you have in your Library. This is because your search has generated a list of resources that contain the text of the passage, such as Bibles, or are discussing your passage, such as commentaries and journal articles.


Refining a Search Even Further

Additional search terms can be combined with the Milestone Search to further refine results, for example:

  • [search term] INTERSECTS {Milestone <Bible [Reference]>}
  • perish INTERSECTS {Milestone <Bible John 3:16>}

This will return results where the word perish appears in either the verse itself or where articles discussing that verse use that specific word.

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