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What are Milestones and how do I use them?

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A Milestone marks a specific location or range within a Logos resource. While a basic search will show results with specific citations to John 3:16, it will not show results for the text of John 3:16. Use the Milestone search extension to quickly search your resources for all the relevant locations that discuss your passage.


Constructing a Milestone Search

To construct a Milestone search, click the Search icon within the search bar to open a new search panel.

The following examples show the difference between a basic search and a milestone search for John 3:16 to highlight the functionality of the Milestone extension.

Basic Search Without Milestone Extension

In the newly opened search panel, type John 3:16 and select the reference in the drop-down menu that appears. Hit enter on your keyboard to run the search.

In most cases, you will see an enormous number of results compiled for you with this search. In this example, notice that a basic search for John 3:16 brings up 4,448 results in 3,034 articles in 347 resources.

The number of results can be challenging to sift through during your study of a passage. While it is sometimes helpful to see all the places where your passage is cited, there may be other times when you want to limit your search to show only those that discuss the passage in question.

Note: There are several ways to narrow your results. You can Organize results according to Rank, Resource, or Count to best filter through the information and see which resources discuss your passage. Additionally, a Basic Search in Logos defaults to complete this search in ‘All Resources’. You can narrow down our results by searching within a specific set of resources. Learn more about Basic Search.

Search with Milestone Extension

To search with a Milestone Extension, open up a search panel using the same steps outlined above. In the search bar, type {Milestone}. This tells Logos that you are searching your library for the text of this passage and not just places where the passage is cited or referenced.

Run this search in Logos.

Notice that the number of results using the Milestone search extension is much smaller. This is because your search has generated a list of resources that are discussing your passage, like commentaries and articles.

Searching with the Milestone extension is like having a research assistant who not only tells you where your passage is cited in your library, but grabs all your resources and opens to the discussion of the content in your passage!

You can also use the Milestone extension in conjunction with other search modifiers to construct complex searches for specific data types.

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