How Do I Find Page Numbers in My Logos Resource?

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Note: To learn how to find page numbers in the Logos Mobile App click here.

Many of your Logos references are indexed by page number. Generally, if the electronic resource has a corresponding print title, the current page number will display in the upper-left portion of the panel.

This means you can go directly to a location in the electronic version of the resource based on the print page number or vice versa. Enter a page number (e.g., Page 115 or 115) in the search box and press Enter.

Logos also allows you to see page numbers within the body of your resource using Visual Filters. To do this, open the Visual Filters menu in your resource by clicking , and checking the box beside Page numbers.

Enable Page Numbers Display



Why don’t some resources have page numbers?

There are a variety of reasons why a resource may not have page numbers:

  • They were developed as digital editions and there is no corresponding print edition (e.g. Martin Luther: A Guide to His Life and Writing).
  • The page numbers were not included in the information Faithlife received from the publisher.
  • They are digital versions developed from the public domain (e.g. Pilgrim’s Progress).
  • They are a Bible, Devotional, or Lectionary where a different marking scheme is more useful.


How can I find citation information about the edition in my library?

If you want to find information about the corresponding print edition:

  1. Open the desired resource.
  2. Click Shift+Ctrl+i (You can also access this information by clicking the panel menu icon  and selecting Information.)
  3. Scroll down to the heading Citation. This displays the print edition that corresponds to your Logos resource. Click Copy to add the styled citation to your system clipboard. By default, Logos includes the citation anytime you copy and paste a selection into another application.

    You can change the citation styling from the dropdown menu.

  4. To return to the resource text, click Done.

Note: Learn more about creating bibliographies in Logos for research and writing projects.

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