How do I switch accounts in Logos?

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If multiple users want to use Logos on a single desktop, you can switch between accounts with just a few steps.

Note: If you have multiple accounts that you want to merge, contact Logos Customer service.


To get started:

  1. Click your account profile picture.

    Profile Menu

  2. Select New user.

    Logos closes the app and opens a dialog panel.

    Sign In

  3. Sign in to the new profile.

    Enter the username and password of the profile you want to use; click Sign in. Choose to perform a full or partial install of resources belonging to the new profile. After installing the selected resources, Logos opens with the base package and resources belonging to the new user.

    Note: Because Logos installation is account-specific, resources that are available in one profile may not be available in other profiles, depending on the terms of the local installation (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc.). The first time you log in to this account requires Logos to index your installation prior to use.

    In the future, Logos allows you to easily switch between users. Click on the account profile picture. Under Restart as user: select the profile you want to use. Logos automatically switches to that user profile. To remove a user from Logos, select Clear users.

    Clear Users


  4. Connect Through a Proxy Server (Windows only)

    If you connect to the internet through a large campus or office network, it is possible you connect through a proxy server. Proxy settings are usually controlled by your Network Administrator.

    At the login screen, select Proxy. Enter proxy setting information into the Sign In panel. Click Sign In.

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