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Quick Study from the Go Box

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Using the study command within the Go box, you can quickly and easily open all of the resources you need to study a topic or Bible passage with QuickStart Layouts. All you need to do is type the word study and a topic or Bible reference in the command box and select an option from the list provided.


Topic Study Layout


To study a topic, type study followed by the topic you want to explore in the Go box, then select from one of the displayed options.



Because some terms intersect with biblical passages, you may also find links to Passage Study Layouts when entering particular topics.



Note: The Topic Study Layout taps into the Logos Controlled Vocabulary dataset. This dataset contains topics related to Christianity and the Bible drawn from resources across the Logos library. It groups equivalent terms under one heading so that searching for “Abraham” also returns results for “Abram.”


Passage Study Layout


Studying a particular passage is just as easy. Simply type study followed by a biblical passage, then select a layout from the options displayed.



With the study command, you can jump-start your studies and dive right in.

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