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Logos Mobile - Reading Plans

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Access an existing reading plan


Access all of your existing reading plans by tapping the navigation drawer icon , then selecting Reading Plans. Tap a reading plan to open it.



You can also find your reading plans in the Dashboard section of your Home Page. Access your Home Page by tapping the Home icon.



Create a reading plan


Create a reading plan by tapping the navigation icon , then selecting Reading Plans. Tap the plus icon in the upper right, then follow the steps to select or generate a reading plan (learn more about reading plans).



Add or remove a reading plan from your Home page


To add a reading plan to your Home Page, tap the plus icon next to Dashboard, then select Reading Plan. You can select existing reading plans under the heading Reading Plans, or create a new reading plan under Start a Present Reading Plan.   To remove a reading plan from your Home Page, tap the context menu icon and select Remove card.


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