Logos Mobile - Set Top Bible

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When you run guides, use tools, or open a reference in the Logos mobile app, your top Bible opens.

To change your top Bible:

1. Open the main menu.

Tap the more menu icon Hamburger icon.

Open more menu mobile app

2. Scroll down to Settings and choose Set Top Bible.

Enter Top Bible Selection

3. Locate your preferred Bible version.

Scroll or search to find your preferred default Bible version. Only Bibles you own show in the Top Bible list, so your list is customized to your base package and purchased resources.

Choose top Bible

Your selection is now the default Bible version anytime you select a reference in the Logos mobile app. It’s also the top Bible for any guides or tools you use. In the future, the quickest way to open your Bible is with the Bible icon Preferred Bible icon in the main toolbar.

Open Top Bible

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