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What to do if you have problems accessing the Print/Export panel or printing from the Print/Export panel.


When you try to navigate to Print/Export Logos crashes.

Content is not printing.

Printed content does not match preview window.


Change the default printer to either Microsoft XPS or Microsoft PDF (Windows 10 | Windows 7). If the panel opens without Logos crashing, and what you see in the saved file when printing to either Microsoft XPS or Microsoft PDF matches the preview window then Logos is sending the correct information to the printer, and the problem is with the printer's driver or software.

If Logos continues to crash when changing the printer to Microsoft XPS or Microsoft PDF then follow the instructions here, or the saved file does not match what is shown in the Print/Export preview panel then. Please visit the Report a Problem page for instructions on how to collect and submit more data to troubleshoot the problem.

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