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All Logos resources feature the option to read the text aloud using the computer’s system narrator or, in some resources, a recorded human narrator. Here’s how to access and use the feature.


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Start/Stop Reading

Media Player Controls

Change Narrator


Start/Stop Reading

  1. Navigate to the passage you want to hear. 

  2. Press Ctrl+R (Windows) or Cmd+R (Mac) to begin narration.

  3. A media player bar will appear in the top-right of the window.

  4. Press Ctrl+R / Cmd+R again to stop narration and close the media player bar.


Media Player Controls



The media controls from left to right are:


  • Pause/Play will stop or start narration without closing the media player bar.

  • The title of the resource being read is displayed.

  • This 30 button rewinds the audio playback 30 seconds.

  • Click 1x to change the narration speed. The available options are .75x, 1x, 1.4x, and 2x.

  • Click the X to close the media player and stop playback.


Change Narrator

For resources with a dedicated narrator (such as the LEB or ESV), you can switch between the human and system narrator:

  1. Open the resource’s Panel menu by clicking .

  2. Open the narrators menu next to Read Aloud.



  1. Select an option. The Logos edition of Augustine’s Confessions, for example, features the narration options displayed above: Gordon Greenhill and System Narrator.
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