How Do I Change the Fonts or Font Sizes in Logos?

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Note: You can also change your font, font size, line spacing, and more in the Logos mobile app. Learn more.

To access the Text Display options, click the panel menu icon Kebab Vertical icon and select Program Settings.

1 Open Program Settings

Once you have opened Program Settings, scroll down to Text Display.

2 Text Display Settings

You will notice several different display options in this section, but the font selections are the ones at the top. Expand the dropdown menu for Default Book Font to view all of the available options (there are many).

3 Select A Font

Tip: A lot of work has gone into creating and curating fonts for a variety of purposes. So, when you select a font, consider how you intend to read the text. For example, sans serif fonts are typically best for digital viewing, whereas serif fonts are often preferred for print.

If you want to adjust the font size in a resource, open the panel menu for that resource by clicking the panel menu icon . Then, adjust the font size by dragging the slider left or right.

4 Adjust Resource Font Size

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