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Watch Logos Training Videos on Faithlife TV

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Faithlife has created a range of training materials to help you get the most out of your Logos Bible Software. In addition to written training articles, like the one you’re reading now, the User Education team has produced videos demonstrating a variety of Logos features. These videos are available on several different platforms.


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The Logos Help Center

Logos Media Tool



Training Videos on the Logos Help Center


The Logos Help Center features several video tutorial series aimed at getting you up and running with your Logos software. Logos tutorials are targeted to those who want to study the Bible with Logos, prepare sermons and Bible studies with Logos, and conduct academic theological research with Logos.


In addition to the Logos tutorials, Faithlife has created videos demonstrating how to use a wide variety of Logos features. These videos are available within the articles on those particular topics, but they are also accessible through the Logos Help Center. To find all of the available Logos 8 training videos at the Logos Help Center, follow this link to go directly to the webpage for Logos 8 feature videos. You can also type “logos 8,” or the name of a feature you’d like to learn more about such as “canvas” or “workflows,” into the search box on the support home page.


Alternatively, you can navigate to these videos from the Logos Help Center by clicking Training > Logos 8 Feature Videos (in the Get Started column).




If you prefer to browse the available videos on the Logos 8 video page, you can do so from the videos page. You can also search the page for a particular keyword by pressing Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd+F (Mac) and typing your search term in the find box.




Click your selected video to open it.




Standard video navigation controls appear at the bottom.


Training Videos in the Logos Media Tool

To access training videos from the Media Tool within Logos, click Tools > Content > Media (or click Tools and begin typing “media” in the search bar at the top). With the Media Tool open, type “logos 8 training” in the Find media box. This will display videos that have been created specifically for Logos 8.




Scroll through the videos to find one that interests you, or type another filter in the Find media box to refine the displayed results. Click a video to view more information about it, then click the video again to open it in your preferred browser.


Videos produced for Logos 7 and earlier can also provide helpful information. Access these through Faithlife TV or through the Video Archive section on




Standard video navigation controls display when you hover over the video in your browser.


Training Videos on FaithlifeTV


Follow this link to visit the Logos User Education page at FaithlifeTV. Once there, you’ll see a drop-down menu about a third of the way down (outlined in green in the image below). Open this menu to view available video series like Bible Study, Academic & Theologian Study, or Preaching and Teaching Tools.




Once you find a series that interests you, click it to display all the videos it contains. Click the play button on any video to open it in a large, but not full-screen, view. Video controls appear at the bottom of the screen when you move your cursor.

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