How to Update Logos

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This article will show you how to make sure your Logos software is up to date and update it if it is not.

Note: With Logos 10 and later, the software should update automatically when new versions become available unless you have explicitly prevented this from happening.

Checking Version Levels

Click the three dots icon  in the toolbar and click the About Logos option.


This shows a panel with a range of information including software versions


The number below SOFTWARE indicates the current software version while the color indicator will be green if Logos is up to date or red if it is not.


Updating Logos

If Logos is not up to date, you can use the update now command in Logos to download all updates including both software and books.

Once the application update has been downloaded, you will be prompted to restart the application to apply the update.

Application Update


Troubleshooting Problems with Updating the Software

There are a number of things to check if the software will not update.

  1. Logos will not run on some older operating system versions. See this article to see minimum requirements and ensure that your operating system satisfies those.

  2. Logos has the concept of an update channel and, unless running beta software, this should normally be set to default. To ensure this is the case, set it from the Logos command box:

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