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The Important Words Guide gathers data from all commentary resources to reveal which words in a biblical passage commentators discuss the most. Use the Important Words Guide to expedite your study process by quickly compiling a list of words you know you’ll need to study further. Spend more time in the text and less time deciding where to spend your time! Use the Important Words Guide in conjunction with the larger Passage Guide to pull together even more information about your passage in one spot.

Note: Data for the Important Words Guide is compiled from all commentary resources available in Logos, not just the ones in your personal library!

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Access the Important Words Guide

Generate an Important Words List


Access the Important Words Guide

There are two ways to quickly access the Important Words Guide:

  • Click Guides, type “Important Word” into the search box, and click Important Words.

  • Access the Important Word Guide as a part of the larger Passage Guide. To generate a Passage Guide from the Guides menu click Guides > Passage Guide.


Generate an Important Words List

  1. Enter a biblical passage or pericope in the Reference box at the top of the panel.

  2. Important Words will return a list of the significant words in your passage. Results are displayed with the words most frequently referenced in commentaries listed first. For each result, Important Words displays the original language lemma, transliteration, pronunciation icon, and English gloss definition.

    Note: The original language lemma includes a link to the Bible Word Study Guide.

  3. Expand a word to display all the verses in the passage that contain your selected lemma with links to your preferred Bible. Each word also displays a link to open a Lemma in Passage Guide for the selected lemma.

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