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The Cross References guide section provides references to other passages related to the reference you’ve entered. It is included in the Passage Guide by default and can be added to an Exegetical Guide or a Sermon Starter Guide. As with all Guide sections in Logos, the section can also be opened as a stand-alone Guide.


Get Started 

  1. Click Guides, then begin typing Cross References in the Guides menu search box, then select the Cross References guide section when it appears in the Guides menu.
  2. Alternatively, you can navigate to Guides > Bible Reference Guides and select Cross References.

  3. Enter the reference you want to study in the search box and press Enter


Using the Guide

The top five results will have the passage listed next to the reference, and the other results will simply be listed by Bible reference.


Click Save as Passage List to create a Passage List containing the full list of references.


Click Open # passages in xyz (where xyz is your preferred Bible) to open the Bible in a filtered view. This view only includes the text of the references listed in the guide section. From here, you can add notes, community tags, and make highlights, as usual.


Open the Cross References guide section in Logos 


Additional Resources

Logos Help: Cross References

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