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Search Panel Options

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You can control the behavior and appearance of your search by using the Search Panel menu.  Access this menu by clicking on the menu icon  in the upper-right of the Search Panel.

Search Panel Options

Several options display, grouped by type:


Text Size slider

Change the default text size within the Search Panel. by dragging the slider.


Link Sets

You can link a search panel to any link set and any clicked word in a resource with the same link set will automatically run a search in your search panel. For instance, you can link a search panel and a Bible with reverse-interlinear functionality (e.g., ESV). As you click words or phrases in the Bible, the search panel will conduct searches for your currently displayed search tab.

To clear the current link set, select None or select Clear All Links to remove all links from the panel.

Note: Learn more about using link sets in Logos.


  • Send Searches Here: Performs any new searches (e.g. from the Context menu) in the current tab of the Search panel, instead of opening a new tab for each search.
  • Match Case: Makes your search case-sensitive, requiring search results to match the capitalization of your search query.
  • Match All Word Forms: Includes results of all forms of your search term in the search results. For example, results for a search for “love” would include “loved,” “lovely,” “loving,” etc.
  • Match equivalent references: Sets your search to include equivalent references to biblical themes, etc. For example, in a default Basic search, searches for <event creation>, <topic creation>, or <theme creation> yield different results. Selecting Match equivalent references combines the results of these searches.



  • Print/Export: Open the Print/Export dialog. You can also access this option with a keyboard shortcut: Cmd+P (Mac) or Ctrl+P (Windows).
  • Save as a Passage List: Saves the resulting lists of passages from your search results.
  • Save as Visual Filter: Saves your search query as a Visual Filter. A Visual Filter highlights search results within a resource.
  • Save as a Word List: Saves the resulting words from any search to a Word List for further study or for memorization.


Show Reading View

Toggles full screen view on and off. You can also access reading view with a keyboard shortcut: Opt+Cmd+R (Mac) or F11 (Windows).


General Panel Options

  • Duplicate This Panel: Creates a copy of the panel in a new tab. You can also duplicate panels with a keyboard shortcut: Shift+Cmd+N (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+N (Windows).
  • Float This Panel: Moves the panel to a floating window. (Dock This Panel returns the panel to the main Logos window.) You can also float panels with a keyboard shortcut: Opt+Cmd+F (Mac) or F11 (Windows)


Copy Location As

Copy a location to the clipboard in one of the available formats:

  • URL: A hyperlink for use in a word processing document, email message, or web page.
  • HTML: A fully formatted link ready to embed into a web page.
  • L4: A link that opens Logos Bible Software directly, without requiring an Internet connection. This may not work in some applications.
  • WIKI: A link formatted for use on websites like
  • RL: A link formatted for use in a Reading List, at

Note: You can use a keyboard shortcut to copy a link to your clipboard: Opt+Cmd+C (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+C (Windows). Your most-recently used link type will be added to your system clipboard. Learn more about creating links in Logos.



Closes the Search Panel. You can also use a keyboard shortcut: Cmd+W (Mac) or Ctrl+F4 (Windows). 

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