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Resource Panel Menu

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The Resource Panel Menu can be accessed by clicking the Panel Menu icon Kebab_Vertical.svg in the upper-right of any resource panel.




Panel Menu Contents

The Panel Menu reveals the following options:

  • Text Size Slider — Change the text size. This change will apply to the panel, rather than the resource, so that a named layout containing two panels of the same resource will respect each panel’s set text size.


  • Find (in this panel) — Cmd+F (Mac) or Ctrl+F (Windows) — Displays a find box in the upper-right of the resource.




  • Link set — Resources that are indexed by the same data type can be linked together so they navigate to the same reference at the same time. You can link a Bible that has embedded lemmas (that is, an interlinear or reverse interlinear Bible) together with a lexicon or Bible Word Study panel in one link set. Then, click on a word in your open Bible and the lexicon or Bible Word Study panels will open to that lemma.


  • Clear all links — Clear Link sets in all linked resources at once.


  • Send hyperlinks here — The resource becomes the default destination for a data type reference.


  • Information Cmd+Shift+I (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows) — Reveal the information pane for the open resource.


  • Show locator bar — Shift+Cmd+L (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+L (Windows) — See where you are in the resource and navigate by clicking in the location path.




You can also choose whether the up and down arrows navigate within the resource by: Article, Book, Chapter, Verse, or Annotation

  • Show table of contents — click Hamburger.svg; or press Shift+Cmd+C (Mac), Ctrl+Shift+C (Windows) — Toggle the contents pane open or closed. In addition to the resource’s table of contents, this pane can also display Notes & Highlights by clicking Notes.svg.




  • Show interlinear pane — click Inline_Interlinear.svg; or press Shift+Cmd+R (Mac), Ctrl+Shift+R (Windows) — Toggles the interlinear pane at the bottom of a reverse interlinear Bible.


  • Show inline search — click Search.svg; or press Cmd+Shift+F (Mac), Ctrl+Shift+F (Windows) — Allows you to perform a Basic, Bible, or Morph search within the active resource.




  • Read aloud — Cmd+R (Mac) or Ctrl+R (Windows) — Start or Stop reading aloud. (Not available in all resources.) An audio player will be visible on the right side of the toolbar, next to layouts.




  • Print/Export — Cmd+P (Mac), Ctrl+P (Windows) — Open the Print/Export dialog.




  • Columns Shift+Cmd+P (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+P (Windows) — Displays resource text in columns for easier reading with page scroll buttons in the lower-right corner.




  • None = one column in non-paged view.


  • Numbers 1 to 5 show exactly that many columns.


  • Auto shows the number of columns that will fit in the panel.


  • Show footnotes on page — Toggles footnote content in a resource (when the resource is set to column paged view.)


  • Show reading view — Opt+Cmd+F (Mac) or F11 (Windows) — Toggles full-screen view on or off.


  • Duplicate this Panel — Shift+Cmd+N (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+N (Windows) — Open the resource in a second panel.


  • Float this panel — Opt+Cmd+F (Mac) or Ctrl+F11 (Windows) — Open the resource in a floating window. This option is replaced with Dock this Panel  Opt+Shift+Cmd+F (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+F11 (Windows) — if the panel is already floating.


  • Copy Location as — Opt+Cmd+C (Mac), Ctrl+Alt+C (Windows) — Copy a location to the clipboard in one of the available formats:


  • URL — A hyperlink for use in a word processing document, email message, or web page.


  • HTML — A fully formatted link ready to embed into a web page.


  • L4 — A link that opens Logos Bible Software directly, without requiring an Internet connection. This may not work in some applications.




  • Close — Cmd+W (Mac) or Ctrl+F4 (Windows) — Close the selected resource.


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